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Serving our clients since 2009

Jeanette Hatfield     Owner/Agent

Our agents are licensed in Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and Utah.

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Autos, RV, Motorcycles, ATV, Boats, SR22, 

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Home, Rental Properties,  Vacation Home, Condos, Manufactured Home


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Term, Universal,

Whole Life 

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General Liability, Business Property Insurance,

Business Autos 

Insurance Agent
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Green River Insurance is an independent insurance agency committed to providing individuals and businesses intelligent risk management. Through analysis of your personal, business and/or financial objectives, we shop from a broad spectrum of insurance companies to tailor an insurance plan that provides the best coverage and pricing.

Our company is an independent agency that can quote your high risk auto insurance to find you the best rate for your particular situation.

We choose from multiple carriers to give you the best coverage possible.

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