Homeowners & Personal Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is one of the most common lines of insurance purchased by individual consumers.  Whether it’s for your home, condo, town home, or apartment, everyone should have some form of homeowners insurance coverage.  If not for the protection of your personal property, it is equally important to have coverage for personal liability built into your home, condo or renters Insurance policies.

Homeowners insurance isn’t just for insuring your home or personal belongings, it also includes coverage for additional expenses incurred in the event of a loss.  An example of this would be having to temporarily relocate while your home is being rebuilt or repaired due to an unexpected event or loss.  As stated above, the most important additional coverage included with your Homeowners Insurance policy is Personal Liability Protection.  The minimum amount of coverage available is $100,000, although you have the option to increase coverage up to $1,000,000 or anywhere in between. Today, we live in a very litigious society. At the Green River Insurance we make it a point to offer the right amount of protection based on your needs.

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance is another common line of protection required by state law, but it is also one of the highest risk related lines of coverage in the Insurance industry.

Think about it, you may be an excellent driver, but what about the other drivers to the left or right of you on the highway?  Do you have enough coverage to protect yourself, your family, or your assets, from that individual that is paying more attention to their cell phone than road? Or, did you choose the least expensive coverage available not knowing how much protection you have? Although price is important, you should consider purchasing a policy that will cover you properly in the event of an accident.

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